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                     Latest  News  Feb 2012           

Peter (Barry) Getzen has re-entered the work force and is now the Chief of Police in Lowell, Mi. and is enjoying the new career.  He now has a sailboat and is looking forward to some weekends of sailing.  His wife, Jean, is stiil employed at a dental office in Lowell.  Both children, Hayley and Phillip, are in studies at  U of M and MSU (friendly rivals).  Phillips bio can be seen at 

Cheryl (Getzen) Scarantino is still employed  as an Orthodonic assistant and is  in the Brighton, MI. area.  Her husband, Dave, had retired from the Engineering Dept. of General Motors and was enjoying retirement but decided to re-enter the GM engineering field.  When not at work he is sometimes seen driving around Brighton in his bright yellow Corvette.  They both stay busy with their children and Grandchildren

Susan (Getzen) Champion is still in Burlington, IA. She is employed as a real estate agent and in spite of the housing market decline, she is doing well.  Her daughter, Angela, is employed as an R.N. and has 2 children, Susan's grandchildren, Emma and Elise.  Both growing fast.  And Zachery is doi ng excellent in his studies at Iowa State University.  Keep up the good work Zachary!

Sandra (Getzen) Phillips and family are still in Linden, MI.  Their children, Sissy and Roger are both doing well in school.  Sissy academically and Roger has proven to be a formidable distance runner, placing in the Michigan High School track meet.  At the rate he's going, he should set high marks in cross country running.  Keep up the good work!!

Todd Getzen, MD, has taken a position with Henry Ford Hospital in the Detroit area.  He is doing many exciting cutting edge procedures the interventional radiology field.  He is living in the Ann Arbor, MI school district to allow his children to attend school there.  His 3 children,  Arman & Sofie (twins) and Saher and his wife, Sonja, are fine and enjoying themselves.

 Photos of all families will be posted on the photo page.